After 2 successful 30-day challenges in 2021 and 2022 raising funds for Make A Wish around the world, in 2023, we launched Round 3 of the Round the World Challenge from October to December 2023, during which Robert Half employees volunteered their time to raise funds and bring hope and joy to children diagnosed with a critical illness.

Through this great partnership between Make-A-Wish®ï¸ and Robert Half, we will make a difference in the lives of children, families, and communities around the world, from New Zealand to Canada, China to Brazil, Switzerland to UAE... and more.

Today, we would like to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who took part in the event, for helping us in bringing hope, joy & strength to Wish Children all around the world.

Together, we achieved a significant milestone

🎉 $500,000 USD for wishes! 🎉

The Wish Impact

When children are battling a critical illness, so much of normal childhood is taken away from them — it is exhausting, both emotionally and physically. A wish is something that gives children the opportunity to look outside their illness — it restores a sense of childhood back to the child and normalcy back to the family.

Research shows, and physicians agree, wishes can help improve a child’s quality of life and produce better health outcomes. Members of the Make-A-Wish Medical Advisory Committee share the life-changing impact wishes have — beyond just medicine — on their patients and their families.
A wish is not a fleeting gift – it’s a carefully planned journey, designed to complement a child’s medical treatment, and give them the hope, strength and joy they need to fight their illness.

The Wish Journey aids physical and emotional healing by building strong positive experiences through the application of principles of positive psychology. It builds resilience and helps children to better cope with their critical illness, and transforms the lives of anyone who plays a part.

Read the detail of the Wish Study 

Robert Half's Impact 2023

The Robert Half International Zone Team's incredible journey continues! From 2021 to 2023, we embarked on a unique and impactful challenge, uniting employees across 19 countries for a single purpose.

I wish to see quokkas and take selfies!

Grace, 7, Australia

Marfan syndrome

Gracie is a brave and fun-loving 7-year-old with a heart of gold – she also loves to make everyone laugh and smile.

So, it’s only natural that Gracie fell in love with Quokkas and their infectious grins in the past year. Ever since she found out they existed; she has been obsessed.

Having first spotted a Quokka in an Australian movie – she quickly began researching more about the adorable animal, watching videos and wanting to know everything about them.

Gracie’s grandma gave her a Quokka toy, and when she was having treatment and having surgeries her Quokka would always come in with her. So, when Gracie’s wish to see Quokkas and take selfies came true – she was all smiles!

Gracie got to take her whole family to spend time with Quokkas on Rottnest Island. Rebekkah, Gracie’s mum says her favourite part of the whole trip was getting a kiss from a quokka!

"We loved seeing the kids absolute joy when interacting with the quokkas, the quality family time without the stress of medical appointments and our normal responsibilities, riding around on bikes exploring the island and just taking in the absolute beauty of Rottnest!"

Gracie’s wish was of an urgent nature, as her medical team were unsure of how she would respond to her recent open-heart surgery for Marfan syndrome – meaning her wish to see the quokkas was fast tracked.

"Her wish being granted has shown Gracie that all her bravery and spirt getting through her surgeries was seen. It’s given her such a sense of accomplishment and pride that she was able to push through these recent tough times knowing that she had an amazing adventure ahead of her. Before her recent heart surgery, we kept telling her that once she healed, she would be going on her amazing trip - so she would squeeze her make a wish coin and dream big for the future."

"This wish being granted for Gracie has given her so much joy, and the memories we have of this trip will last us all a lifetime. She hasn't stopped talking about her trip, and her love for the quokkas."

"She loved the trip so much that she wants us to move there!"

I wish to be a penguin expert

Darren, 7, Singapore

renal tumour

Darren is a bright and lively 7-year-old boy who has a heart for animals, loves playing with LEGO and reading about STEM topics. He was also diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumor – also known as nephroblastoma, a rare form of kidney cancer that affects children – when he was only three years old. Today, after surgery and chemotherapy, he is in remission!

Darren started his Wish Journey in with Suzanne and Cheryl (volunteers) in January 2020. At the time, he was excited for the potential to visit the Natural History Museum in London as this combined his interests of science and animals (yes, that includes dinosaurs too).

However, with the advent of the global pandemic thus significant travel restrictions as well as health precautions over the last two years, his wish was put on pause for some time. We kept in touch virtually, celebrating his 5th and 6th birthdays together with the family by sending cake and gifts.

Towards the end of 2021, we started ideating again on a domestically focused wish. This was when we decided on a family trip to the Singapore Zoo, in particular to see an ongoing pop-up exhibition called Brickosaurs. On the morning of 15 December 2021, Darren dressed up as an explorer, complete with a ranger’s hat and binoculars, and we were off for a VIP tour at the zoo!

In a fun-filled educational day, Darren and his family had the opportunity to meet & greet the African penguins, feed the giraffes, and complete various activities linked to the Brickosaurs exhibition – such as excavating dinosaur fossils from a sandpit. The chartered buggy also took the family past many animal enclosures, while two knowledgeable guides shared more details about the resident animals. We wrapped up the day with a dinosaur themed lunch and LEGO gifts sets for both Darren and his sister.

Now, Darren also had an additional task during this zoo visit: which was to take inspiration from the animals that he sees, to sketch them down as characters to create a cartoon book. We had this step added to the wish as Darren is a highly intellectual boy and has a special connection to drawing and coloring. Between December 2021 to February 2022, Darren worked hard on developing characters and a storyline in his sketchbook. Then from February to March 2022, a professional cartoonist was brought in to work with Darren and transform this into a final 30-page cartoon book.

On 26 March, we had Darren’s Wish Day (combined with his birthday celebration) with the whole family, including Darren’s two sisters and grandparents. We started off with lunch, which was kindly sponsored by Neo Garden. Our first surprise was to build customized LEGO figures of his book’s two main characters, the penguins Trustie and Quick Quick. It was a very fun time working with LEGO master Jeffery. Next, we had a big poster reveal of Darren’s cover page – his face shone with delight, and he wanted to frame this up immediately! Third, we had a penguin-customized cake, which was also kindly sponsored by Locaba. Similarly, Darren’s face lit up when the care was revealed, and the taste was nothing short of yummy – chocolate and raspberry mix which everyone loved. Finally, the printed books were revealed, and Darren did a storytelling plus autographing session for everybody.

We wrapped up the day with opening his birthday gifts; from the MAW team, our gift was more sketchpads and Faber-Castell color pencils to encourage the next sequels of Trustie’s Adventures.

I wish to be a pianist

Ikbal, 14, UAE

kidney failure

Ikbal, an extraordinary 14-year-old girl diagnosed with kidney failure, has a boundless passion for music. Not only does she excel in tennis, but her vibrant spirit truly shines through her diverse interests. Among her dreams, the most cherished was to become a pianist.

As our 6000th wish recipient at Make-A-Wish, we were determined to make Ikbal's wish profoundly memorable. In a special collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation, we created a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Ikbal and her parents. They were invited to meet the internationally renowned pianist, Haochen Zhang, who graciously offered personal piano lessons and shared invaluable advice on technique and hand movements.

The anticipation grew as the day of the concert approached. Accompanied by her family, Ikbal was chauffeured in a luxurious limousine to attend an enchanting concert by Haochen Zhang. The performance was captivating, filled with melodious compositions that left the audience spellbound. Immersed in the music, Ikbal captured these precious moments in photographs, creating lasting memories to cherish.

The culmination of Ikbal's wish was truly magical. The next day, a beautiful piano was delivered to her home, marking the beginning of her personal musical journey. Inspired by Haochen Zhang's mentorship, Ikbal is determined to hone her skills and nurture her talent.

We hope that the fulfillment of Ikbal's wish brings her immense joy and happiness, reflecting the dedication and passion she exhibits. May her new piano serve as a constant source of inspiration, and her musical journey bring her endless smiles and unforgettable memories.

I wish to go to the beach and feel the sand

Javier, 8, Chile

thyroid cancer

Javier's wish was to spend a day at the beach, as he had fond memories from when he was just two years old. We fulfilled his wish by taking him to Viña del Mar, where the day began with a seaside breakfast. Dressed in his swimsuit, Javier couldn't wait any longer and dashed to the beach. He was overjoyed, playing in the sand under the sun, feeling the waves wash over his feet, and enjoying the soothing sounds of the sea.

We had another surprise for him and his family: a visit to the Miramar Hotel. There, Javier indulged in his favorite meal and dessert at the hotel's spa while still gazing out at the sea—everything was delicious!

The day was capped off with a sailing adventure on a yacht, a first for Javier. Out on the high seas, he shared this wonderful experience with his family, creating unforgettable memories together.

I wish to go to an island by boat

Morris, 6, Netherlands


Morris, a six-year-old with blond curls, has always been popular with the kids at school. Unfortunately, Morris has been battling leukemia, undergoing numerous treatments that have been tough on him and his family. Despite these challenges, the family remains positive.

Morris's fondest wish is to visit Texel again, an island that holds beautiful memories for him. He recalls seeing seals there and being captivated by the island's beauty. His dream is to fly over Texel in a real plane and to reunite with Bollo, the mascot bear of the holiday park. The sea journey to the island alone fills Morris with joy. During the flight, he gets the thrilling opportunity to sit in the cockpit, like a real pilot. For Morris, things can’t happen quickly enough. His broad smile reveals just how fantastic he finds the whole experience.

This year, we ran a wish workshop and joined forces to brainstorm ideas for anticipation & granting of wishes of two remarkable children. Their stories are detailed below, highlighting the impact of our collective efforts.

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Five-year-old Sydney received a devastating diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia at just 16 months old. He bravely fought through it for two years and emerged victorious. However, his joy was short-lived as he received the same diagnosis again in May 2022.

After another long hospital stay filled with chemotherapy and radiation, Sydney received a life-saving bone marrow transplant from his brother Austin. He has since recovered and can finally participate in daily life again. Sydney has a special love for animals and all things Disney. He particularly admires Doc McStuffins, the little Disney veterinarian, and dreams of following in her footsteps. His current favorite animal is the majestic elephant, though he also holds a fascination for the prehistoric Tyrannosaurus Rex and the daring pups of Paw Patrol. Playmobil figures, water games, and horseback riding round out his list of favorite things.

There are so many wonderful things to discover in the world, but animals hold a special place in Sydney's heart. With his improved health, he was finally able to get closer to them once again.

To kick off his animal-themed wish journey, he received a "Create Your Zoo" sticker book. He was immediately captivated, and everything else around him faded away as he immersed himself in the world of his own zoo. Additionally, to keep the excitement building, he received small animal-themed games to open each week.

The big day finally arrived! Sydney's wish granting took place at the Opel Zoo. Beforehand, one of our volunteers, Jessica, donned the persona of Doc McStuffins and filmed a special video message. In the message, Doc McStuffins explained she was overwhelmed with caring for all the animals at the zoo and desperately needed Sydney's help as her official vet assistant.

At the zoo, Sydney was treated to an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience, venturing off on paths normally unseen by regular visitors. His first stop was the veterinary clinic, where he was shown a fascinating X-ray of a reptile who had swallowed stones. The veterinarian even demonstrated how a blowgun syringe is used. Next, Sydney made his way to the lemur enclosure, where he had the incredible opportunity to pet these playful creatures. From there, the excitement continued with a tour of the entire zoo, including visits to the porcupines and the giraffes. Sydney, a walking encyclopedia of animal knowledge, knew every creature by name and beamed with joy throughout the entire day.

As a grand finale, Sydney was presented with a special certificate acknowledging his achievements as an animal caretaker at the Opel Zoo, officially promoting him to Doc McStuffins' official vet assistant. To top it all off, he was allowed to choose a cherished stuffed animal from the zoo gift shop.

The entire day was an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Sydney's smile was truly contagious, and it was a privilege to witness his pure joy.

Stay tuned for Evelyn's Wish!

Building Our Impact: The Journey Continues into 2024 and Beyond

Over the years, Make-A-Wish has been able to bring transformative experiences to children with critical illnesses, largely due to the unwavering support of partners like you. Together, we've seen countless smiles and moments of joy as we turn challenging times into opportunities for hope and resilience.

Here's a snapshot into some of our achievements thanks to partners like you:

  • In 2023, we granted 11.4% more wishes than in 2022.
  • Shanghai granted 52% more wishes than they projected, Portugal granted more than 200 wishes for the first time this year, and the UAE have granted the highest number of wishes in their history.
  • One of our newest Affiliates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has granted 51 wishes since their inception in April 2022.
  • We've expanded into new territory by opening our 8th affiliate in the Latin America region, located in Ecuador and we have further plans to expand and reach even more children around the world.
  • The United Arab Emirates continues their excellent outreach work in Egypt and Jordan. They granted 712 wishes overall in 2023, with more than 400 of these outside UAE.

At Make-A-Wish, we have a bold vision: granting 25,000 wishes by 2025. Achieving this ambitious goal demands a powerful, collaborative effort, and Robert Half stands as a true partner in this mission. Your incredible fundraising efforts across 19 countries are a game-changer, extending our reach and amplifying the impact we can create together. Through this joint effort, we're maximizing awareness and securing resources to fulfill wishes for deserving children worldwide.

We're grateful to Robert Half for joining us on this journey and playing a vital role in our vision of reaching every eligible child.

"At Make-A-Wish, we're thrilled to celebrate a truly remarkable achievement with Robert Half. Together, we've surpassed the incredible milestone of $500,000 raised! This accomplishment is a testament to our shared commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of children with critical illnesses and their families."

"We're deeply impressed by Robert Half’s dedication, extending their fundraising efforts across 19 countries. Thank you to all of you at Robert Half for your continued support. With your help, we'll grant even more wishes, bringing hope and restoring childhood for children facing critical illnesses."

Luciano Manzo

President & CEO

Make-A-Wish International


2022 Event

"Good luck son and I hope you smash it because this charity has always been really close to my heart"

— Frank, UK

"A melhor coisa que estou fazendo no meu dia, é a doação para a Make a Wish, não deixe de fazer, você vai ficar feliz com esta ação."

— Viviane, Brazil

“What an amazing charity - I feel privileged to be involved.”

— David, Australia

2021 Event

"Making a dream become reality in the face of fear and uncertainty is such a wonderful and hopeful mission. Proud to support Make-A-Wish!"

— Kevin

"Robert half is amazing with all these great things happening !!"

— Yeo

"To the child who receives this donation, I wish you only good health and happiness! Please believe in yourself, never give up and follow your dreams!"

— Jaclyn

Together, we create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.